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Finders on-line Catalogue:

    Finders does not currently produce a mail out printed catalogue of all the products that we sell and stock however, our comprehensive on-line catalogue is designed to provide our customers with this information and much more.
    Due to printing lead times, the constant stream of new models from so many suppliers, changing prices due to currency fluctuations, and other factors it is not possible to keep a hardcopy catalogue current.
    We are therefore reliant upon each individual equipment manufacturer supplying us with a constant supply of their current product catalogues for printed customer mail out information, this rarely happens in practice and at best can be very restrictive on customer choice.

    Finders on-line catalogue has been developed to provide up to date product information including the ability to provide secure SSL shopping with active feedback using our on-line forms or e-mail. At Finders we encourage those customers who are able to use this medium to take advantage of of the superior service this allows us to offer.
    In preparing the product pages of this catalogue we have used all the information as provided by the individual suppliers/manufacturers in their printed catalogues and customers should note that any claims made are those contained within those catalogues and are not necessary claims endorsed by Finders.

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Gold / Metal Detectors:
                    Bounty Hunter
                     Pulse Technology

                    Bounty Hunter
                    Shotgun Leather

                    Audio & other add on amplifiers


Batteries & Chargers:


Cables & Leads:
                     Cables and Leads 

Compasses & GPS:
                    Compasses  &  GPS

                    Containers and Gem boxes

Gold jewellery:
                   Hand crafted jewellery made using genuine Gold Nuggets
                                (All from The Central Victorian goldfields)

Gold Nuggets:
                   A range of gold nuggets from Central Goldfields Region
                                (Including the famous Golden Triangle)

Gold Pans:
                    Gold Pans

Gold Prospecting / Metal Detector in the field Tuition:

                   A listing of the many headphones stocked by Finders

                   Maps of our local Central Goldfields region and of other areas.

Miners Rights:
                Details about Victorian Miners Rights (Prospecting Licence)

Miscellaneous items:
                   Odd items not listed

Picks & Shovels etc.:

Scales & Weights:


Search Coils & Covers:
                   Our large range of Search Coils and Covers

Second Hand Accessories:
                   A listing of our current stock of used Accessories

Second Hand detectors:
                   A listing of our used detectors currently in stock

Mini Gold Concentrator:
                   Australian built mini gold & gem concentrator.

Minelab SD2100 to SD200 Upgrade

                   Instructional & other videos

Product Notes:

    Finders Pty. Ltd. represents White's Electronics in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific regions and is the sole authorised distributor of White's products within these territories.

    Our retail division sells a complete range of models from the major detector manufacturers with many carried in stock, offering the largest range of multi-brand metal detectors on display in the country for your selection.

    We also stock many detector accessories and spare parts, including GPS, maps, books, picks, pans, gold nuggets, gold nugget jewellery etc.


    Any information submitted to Finders is treated as strictly private by Finders and will not be passed on to any other party for any reason unless requested or agreed to by the information provider.

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