Mini Gold Concentrator

Mini Gold Concentrator Mark II
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View of hand agitated classifier and pan.
Finders Stock Order Number 2085

Having no noisy motors and producing no fumes the Mini Gold Concentrator Mark II requires no power or fuel and is therefore extremely environment friendly only requiring a small amount of hand agitation to obtain the optimum results.

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SupDish3.jpg (15023 bytes)Designed and built in Australia from quality materials the Mini Gold  Concentrator Mark II has been considerably refined from the original model. It is simple to use and extremely successful in recovering gold nuggets and those finer particles of gold. The standard unit may also be used without any modification to pan for gemstones.

Just fill the pail with water, place some ore bearing concentrate or gravel into the top sieve and agitate its as simple as that. The larger aggregates are retained in the sieve which are then discarded and the heavier materials are deposited in the underlying lower settling pan with the smaller and lighter gravels falling to the bottom of the bucket.

SupDish1.jpg (15900 bytes)The photograph on the left shows  the components of the Mini Gold Concentrator Mark II and the simple compact design.

For freight and shipping the whole assembly stores conveniently inside the bucket. The Mini Concentrator can also be carried by the bucket handle to the site of your choice and then the internal lower pan may be simply  clipped into position for use.



The following diagram shows the unique design and the individual components of the Mini Concentrator  Mark 2.

Mini Gold Concentrator Mark 2
Stock/Order Number  -  2085
Australian Retail Price
AUD  $275.00

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