Minelab Australian Products

Finders is no longer an Authorised Minelab Dealer
Due to a difference of opinion between Minelab and Finders of which further details may be viewed at this page Minelab terminated Finders Authorised Dealership as of 1st. December 2000. Finders has now fast tracked their Titan Project.

The products listed below are Minelab's Australian model range  and all are available from Finders.

GP Extreme ~~ SD2200D ~~ SD2100 ~~ SD2100e ~~ XT18000 ~~ Excalibur 800 ~~  Excalibur 1000 ~~ Explorer S ~~ Explorer XS ~~ Sovereign XS-2a Pro ~~  Musketeer Colt ~~ Musketeer XS ~~ Musketeer XS Pro ~~ Golden Hawk ~~ Relic Hawk

Minelab SD2100 to SD200 Upgrade

Minelab Accessories Page

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Last modified: 27 June 2002