Press Release

Large Gold Nuggets found

Local prospectors strike it rich with large gold find

15th. February 1997-- Today a group of 3 local prospectors working together on a share arrangement showed some of their latest finds from an undisclosed area at which they are still working and finding gold nuggets. The gold is being found with electronic metal detectors which have been responsible for numerous major finds in Australia. While the 3 prospectors wish to remain anonymous they allowed the largest nuggets they found to be photographed which are shown on this page above. The group say they have recovered a total of 284ozs. from their secret location since just before last Christmas and that they are still finding smaller nuggets. So far they have found a total of 522 nuggets on a red clay bottom varying in depth from 2 inches to 10 inches with 6 nuggets found the day before the largest being 4.5 dwts. The 5 largest nuggets pictured above weighed --- 91 ozs. --- 74 ozs. --- 36 ozs. --- 24 ozs. and 16.5 ozs. respectively.

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