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More Gold Nuggets found

Visiting prospector finds several gold nuggets

Top 2oz 9dwts 3gr . . . . Bottom 17ozs 18dwts

26th. April 1997-- A local Central Victorian prospector says that he has found several nice gold nuggets over a period of time. On a recent series of trips to an area between Maryborough and Dunolly he added to his collection. The first find turned up a 2oz 9dwts 3gr gold nugget in a area that was well away from any previous diggings at a depth of 2" to 3" below the surface. Further searching has produced several smaller nuggets between .5dwt & 2dwts and on Thursday last ( 24th. April 97 ) at an area approximately 500 metres from the first find, a gold nugget weighing 17ozs 18dwts was found. The two larger nuggets are shown pictured above, the smaller is the first of the finds and has since been acid cleaned, the larger nugget is as it came from the ground 2 days ago.

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