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Two Gold Nuggets found

Prospector finds two Gold Nuggets

Side 1. -- Weight - 16 ozs. 15 dwts. 4 gr. -- Side 2.

14th. January 1999 -- Today a customer brought the two gold nuggets shown on this page to show us which he told us he found on 24th. November last year using one of our Gold Zapper signal amplifiers without which he said he would never heard them. He found them while working on private property with the owners permission and the finds were made in open paddocks at a depth of about 2 feet in hard white pipe clay. The nuggets were lying close together and our customer said that he found both within 1/2 hour of searching.

Side 1. -- Weight - 8 ozs. 18 dwts. 15 gr. -- Side 2.

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