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The female touch to prospecting

Local lady shows her finds

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Total Weight of Nuggets - 12 dwts. 8 grs.

20th. April 1999 -- The gold nuggets shown shown above were found by a local female Dunolly resident who brought them into our shop to for us to photograph and display on our wall along with all our other Press Releases. The ring was found north east of Dunolly and has a Sheffield date stamp 1861 - 1865. The pendant nugget with the bail was found in the Eddington area while the larger nugget above was found at Timor and weighed 3.8 pennyweights, the nugget to the right of this shown at top centre was found north of Dunolly. The remaining small nuggets were found approximately 3 kilometers. south of Dunolly in chalk & quartz ground both on mullock heaps from old diggings. There were 35 nuggets on one heap and the spec pieces came from the second heap.

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