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Maryborough prospector's Gold find

Maryborough prospector's latest Gold Nugget find

Side 1.   -- Weight -  1ozs. 20 dwts. 15grs. --   Side 2.

6th. August 1999 -- One of our Maryborough customers brought a recent find in to show us today. He said the nugget shown above was from a small patch of 40/50 nuggets of approximately 6 ounces in total and ranging from 10 pennyweights down to less than 1 grain. The patch was right next to some shallow diggings which the old time miners (1860's) had worked. The "old timers" must have had trouble tracing the run as on finishing detecting the patch our customer said he could clearly see it was a curved deviation in the small lead the diggers had been working and they had missed this section. The nugget shown above which weighed 1 ounce 20 pennyweights 15 grains was found at a depth of about 12 inches lying in a mixture of wash and brownish clay in semi open bushland between Waanyarra and Tarnagulla.

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