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Gold specimen found by prospector

Another prospector finds Gold Nugget specimen

Side 1.   -- Weight
(Gold content) - 17 ozs. 11 dwts. 15 grs.--   Side 2.

4th. October 1999 -- Another local prospector found the gold nugget specimen shown in the photos above. The specimen weighs 30 ounces 4 pennyweights 10 grains and contains 17 ounces 11 pennyweights 15 grains of gold. The nugget was found  about two months ago in our local district in an  area that had many detector holes from a previous operator. The last prospector had just worked around many areas of old tin cans that had been left in the forest by previous diggers. The prospector raked the rubbish aside and found the specimen at a depth of 16 inches which he said gave a very solid signal and he thought that the target was probably another old can. The ground consisted of compacted ironstone clay and was reasonably clear being free of scrub and about 50 feet to the side of some old diggings.

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