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Another customer's Gold finds

Another of our customers shows us his latest finds

Total Weight  -  3 ozs.  11 dwts.  5 gr.

6th. October 1999 -- A customer from the Talbot / Clunes area brought a collection of his latest finds in to show us today. The gold was found over a recent period by the customer detecting in his   local Clunes, Creswick and Talbot areas. The largest nugget (bottom right) is 1 ounce 17 pennyweights 19 grains found at Talbot in an open field at 10 inches in clay. The second largest nugget (top left) is 19 pennyweights 10 grains and was found at Creswick in scrubby country aproximately 12 inches deep in gravel. The rest of the nuggets total 14 pennyweights and were found at various locations in the districts mentioned above.

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