Press Release

Another Gold Nugget from Dunolly

Lucky prospector's Gold Nugget find

Total Weight  -  43 ozs.

11th. January 2000 -- The gold nugget shown above was found on some old diggings near Dunolly. Other people had recently been in the same area as near the spot where it was found there were fresh footprints in the mud. The nugget was found at a depth of 20 inches with an SD2200 using a Coiltek 14" DD coil. The finder said the signal was a strange one and after first detecting it he walked away thinking it was junk. Luckily curiosity got the better of him and he returned  just to see what it was anyway. The nugget as shown above weighs approx. 43 ounces and the lucky finder has named it the "millennium America Nugget" due to its resemblance to the map of America.

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