Press Release

Wombat shaped Gold nugget find

Dunolly visitor's Picture Gold Nugget find

Side 1.   -- Total Weight 
- 2 ozs. 16 dwts. --   Side 2.

8th. April 2000 -- Today a prospector visiting Dunolly for the third year in succession found the gold nugget resembling a wombat shown in the photographs above. The nugget was found in an area of open bushland within the local Dunolly goldfields region. The nugget weighs 2 ounces 16 pennyweights and was sitting in a sump about 12 inches deep composed of red gravel wash. The prospector also found another 8 pennyweights of smaller gold nuggets approximately 12 feet away from the nugget in the photograph. He told us his total finds during his 10 days in the area so far was 3ounces 10 pennyweights (118 grams).

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