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 Customer shows his gold finds

Side 1.   --  Weight 
  36 oz. 18 dwts. --   Side 2.

Side 1.   --  Weight   12 ozs --   Side 2.

21st. September 2000 -- The gold nuggets shown above were found in the North Queensland Goldfields and were shown to us by a customer who lives in Melbourne and is currently visiting our Central Victorian Goldfields. The larger nugget which weighs in total 36 ounces 18 pennyweights was found with a SD2000 at one foot deep in a dry creek bed. The smaller nugget which weighs 12 ounces was found in the same area with a Whites Goldmaster lying 10 inches deep in a clayish wash on top of a small hill. the area the nuggets were found in was worked in the old days by the Chinese. The customer has said he is prepared to sell the nuggets and enquiries may be made through Finders.

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