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Finders Good and Bad News

First the bad news:

         As many of our customers will be aware Finders could not and would not endorse the performance claims made by Minelab for their newly released GP Supreme detector. In response to this Minelab claimed that we did not know what we were talking about and sent one of their R&D technicians to Dunolly to demonstrate and prove to us that the GP Supreme did meet their claims.
     After extensive tests in the field with our staff and some of our very experienced professional customers their technician was forced to admit that Finders were indeed correct. Their technician had to admit that he could not obtain the performance increase over the SD2200 as claimed and in fact on larger targets the SD2200 was the superior detector.
        On reporting his findings back to management their technician was ordered to stay and fix the problem . After three days he was not successful and on his way back to South Australia he called into Finders shop to report that he was going back to confer with Bruce Candy Minelab's designer / engineer.
        Minelab continued shipping these detectors to dealers insisting that there was not a problem with the detector. Due to Finders continuing to distance themselves from Minelab's claims further dispute erupted with the final word from Minelab's Consumer Business Manager that he would send an independent operator to Dunolly to prove their claims. This never eventuated Minelab instead terminated Finders Authorised Dealership.

To read what users are saying about the GP Supreme visit Finders open forum.

Now the good news:

        It seems at last some serious competition to Minelab's monopoly of the industry is about to emerge. Firstly Garrett are planning to launch in Australia a PI detector in the early part of next year which they they claim will be in direct competition with Minelab's SD series detectors. Secondly due to a disagreement between Minelab and Finders with the end result being that Minelab terminated Finders authorised dealership as of the 1st. December 2000, Finders has now decided to fast track their Titan Project. While it was Finders original intention to offer the manufacturing rights to one or more of the major detector manufacturers, Finders have now decided to hand build a batch of pre production units.

Further Information and details

    The Titan Project is the title given to a project undertaken by Finders to develop a Pulse Induction Detector with many unique features with performance expected to at least match the SD / GP series detectors. This is not the identification name the finished detector will bear, as yet this is undecided as it was expected by Finders that a major manufacturer would name the detector to suit their current model range.. This detector will have many other user benefits as detailed at the following link.

Further Information and details

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