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Australian Gold Pan Invention

Central Victorian prospector shows his unique gold pan

The new design gold pan as sold at the Ballarat Gold Expo 16 / 17th. March

19th. March 2002 -- A Central Victorian prospector Matt Kelava also known by many as (Matt the Tailor) from Ballarat has invented a unique spiral gold pan and he has been showing early prototypes to many of the prospectors in the region.
        Matt said he got the idea 15 years ago from a spiral Gold Wheel he saw demonstrated at the Dunolly Gold Rush. Matt has now arranged manufacture of the units and has already sold some at the Ballarat Gold Expo last weekend. He sold the pans at a special Expo price of $66.00 but the price now reverts to the retail price of $80.00. There is also a heavier model similar to the pan shown in photos below for Championship Gold Panning events which is more expensive. Matt told us we should have retail stocks before Easter.

Dunolly locals get a preview


9th. of February 2002 - Matt demonstrates his new pan to a group of locals at a dam just outside Dunolly where he panned the pan of gravels in the photograph above. He was able to  recover all of the seven small nuggets he poured into the pan (the wet slick on top) in 20 secs under the world Goldpanning Championship time.



Straight off the mould one of the batch of early prototype fibreglass gold pans Matt had made before the weekend 9 /10th Feb.

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