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Unusual Gold find at Dunolly

Local prospector makes a rare find

A Rare Find

14th. February 2003 -- The small gold nugget shown above was found late November by a local prospector while detecting the bottom of a dry reservoir situated among old time diggings in the Dunolly area. Due to severe drought conditions this is the first time this water storage (The Old Lead Reservoir) has completely dried up. While detecting the dried bottom of the reservoir he came upon a very positive signal  which appeared to be comming from beneath a freshwater mussel, so he kicked the mussel aside and rescanned the spot again but the signal was no longer there, then when he scanned his searchcoil back over the mussel he once again got a very positive signal.

He then picked the mussel up and passed it over the coil and it still continued to give a positive signal, so he opened it up with his pocket knife and found the gold nugget shown above inside. He told us that he has told the story to many of the local operators and no one has ever heard of this happening before.

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