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Miners Rights
Withdrawal of Agencies

Finders received a letter from the Department of Primary Industries dated 3 September 2004 informing of the withdrawal of their agency to sell Miner's Rights. Prior to this letter Finders had been waiting several weeks for new Miner's Rights books to be delivered from the Department and this notice has been the first notification of the reason for the delay. Set out below are extracts from the actual Department letter explaining the situation.



It has been brought to the Departments attention that the Mineral Resources Development Act 1990 (the Act) does not allow for the appointment of agents to sell Miners Rights. This has arisen because of an oversight in the drafting of the Act some 15 years ago.

Unfortunately, this has called into question the validity of the Miner's Rights sold by agents.

The Government is reviewing the relevant provisions, and will seek to rectify the situation by amending the Act to allow for agents to sell Miner's Rights. In the meantime, all agencies will be withdrawn and all of the books of Miner's Rights at present held by agents are to be returned to the Department.

The Department will be issuing all current holders with new Miner's Rights commemorating the Eureka 150anniversary. This will ensure all Miner's Rights are up to date and valid.

DPI regrets this inconvenience to prospectors and agents. However the steps outlined above are necessary to ensure prospector's rights are guaranteed.


Miner's Rights can be purchased by credit card over the phone from the Minerals and Petroleum Business Centre in Melbourne.  Phone (03) 9658 4454 or by email on

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