Press Release

Finders tests first prototypes of unique
Minelab GP / SD audio rebuild

Over the past few weeks some local Dunolly full time prospectors have taken part in the preliminary testing of a new Finders designed add on device which significantly reduces some of the problems inherent within Minelab SD & GP model detectors.

Initial reports indicated that most internal fluctuations inherent within these detectors and also ground noises were almost eliminated allowing the detector to be used on ground that was previously very noisy. Other major benefits that were identified by those testing the device was that a Mono coil could be used on ground where previously only a DD searchcoil could be operated successfully, and also that marginal targets were clearer and more easily recognised providing a decided depth advantage.

However the consensus of most test prospectors was that due to the stable threshold achieved by the device any electrical interference present was now even more noticeable. Electrical interference has always been an issue with these detectors, and in the past so many customers have reported to us at Finders that at certain times of the day or after recent rain they have had to give up working.

In view of this remaining problem Finders is now proposing to try to resolve all these issues together within the one add on device which we propose to call "Super Fix". - We hope to have a working proto type early in the New Year.

Retail selling  price will not be available until design finalisation and final manufacture costing is available.

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Last modified: December 07, 2004