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Finders now demonstrating Super Fix

Finders currently has a hand built Super Fix prototype which is now on display at their Dunolly store. A personal demonstration of the unique capabilities of Super Fix can be arranged for interested customers.

Super Fix
Finders unique audio revamp
for all Minelab SD & GP Model Detectors

Finders unique patented Super Fix has been designed to be used with all Minelab SD & GP model detectors and is the final result of many months R & D.  Super Fix modifies the normal Minelab audio signal eliminating many of the ground noises, along with the many other annoying noises that mask those small target signals, including most electrical interference.

Super Fix is not just an add on amplifier, unlike the other so called "enhancers" currently being marketed, all of which amplify the existing electrical noises and ground noises together with any target signal.  Super fix's unique processing procedure extracts targets from the background ambiguity by recognising their unique signature, and presenting the operator with a clearly recognisable "High Tone" or "Low Tone" positive target signal over the target centre.

The complex processing methods employed by Super Fix, have in excess of 50 analogue and digital processing stages several of which employ cutting edge technologies.  The combination of these processing methods enable a unique optimisation of the SP or GP audio output like never before. This optimised audio output provides to the operator a very stable constant threshold, a clear and concise unmistakable target signal, along with many other benefits, including both stereo and mono two tone target identification, and a built in speaker.

Now at long last -- Finders brings you the missing link for SD & GP detectors.

SuperFix Image

Finders is now accepting orders for delivery from the first production run. 
A Super Fix prototype is now being demonstrated at Finders Dunolly store and local field demonstrations can now be arranged for interested customers.

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