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Super Fix first production run

Finders received the first actual product sample from the manufacturer on Friday last (18th. August2006), this is a second generation sample following on from our first pre-production test sample which had several connection issues necessitating alterations and a redrafting of the PCB layout.

Comprehensive testing has been carried out over the last three days to confirm this latest production sample meets our design and performance criteria. We are now pleased to announce that this sample has passed all of our test stages and the manufacturer has now been instructed as of today (21st. August 2006) to proceed with the first production run of Super Fix, they have advised us we should have stock in two weeks time.

To all our loyal customers who have pre-purchased Super Fix, we thank you for your patience and understanding during this most frustrating final development period, which for a variety of reasons has taken us far longer that we anticipated.

Super Fix's unique features with sound files recorded in the local goldfields can be viewed at the link below.

Finders Super Fix examples page.

Super Fix
Finders unique audio revamp
for all Minelab SD & GP Model Detectors

Finders unique Super Fix has been designed to be used with all Minelab SD & GP model detectors and is the final result of many months R & D.  Super Fix modifies the normal Minelab audio signal eliminating many of the ground noises, along with the many other annoying noises that mask those small target signals, including most electrical interference.

Now at long last -- Finders brings you the missing link for SD & GP detectors.

SuperFix Image

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