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Local prospector strikes Golden Patch

Dunolly resident finds patch of Gold Nuggets

Gold Nuggets - 14ozs. 3dwts. total weight

Side 1. -- Weight - 2ozs. 19dwts. 5grs. -- Side 2.

2ozs. 11dwts. 19grs. - 1oz. 9dwts. 14grs. - 2ozs. 18dwts. 15grs.

7th. October 1997 -- All the gold nuggets shown above were found in one patch of ground approximately 20 feet by 20 feet in the local Dunolly area. They were lying in quartz gravel on an open slope running into a gutter. They were found by a local Dunolly prospector who said he had just found them in the last 3 days with his new 11" mono loop searchcoil, and that the depth of the nuggets varied from just below the surface to 25 inches deep.

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