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Gold Specimen & Picture Nugget finds

Bendigo Prospector's gold finds

Side 1. -- Weight - 5 ozs. 5 dwts. 9 gr. -- Side 2.

Weight - 5 dwts, 5 grs.

9th. October 1997 -- Today a customer from Bendigo showed us his latest gold finds. The top photographs show a gold nugget specimen found within 5 minutes from Eaglehawk (a suburb of Bendigo). Our customer tells us it was found on open ground in a water gutter near some old diggings and was at a depth of 2 feet. While the actual gold content has not been assayed the total weight of the specimen is 5 ounces 5 pennyweights and 9 grains. The bottom photograph shows a smaller nugget shaped some what like a map of Australia. This nugget weighed 5 pennyweights 5 grains and was found in the whipstick Forest 4 inches deep on virgin ground in red clay.

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