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Two friends show W.A. Nugget finds

Friends nugget finds on West Australian tour

22nd. October 1997 -- Today two friends from New South Wales now visiting Victoria after returning from a four and one half weeks conducted prospecting tour of the Coolgardie Goldfields in Western Australia showed us gold nuggets they found while on the tour. The nuggets were found in the Leonora and Red Castle areas and were all lying within 6 inches of the surface. The largest nugget in "Group 1" is 5 pennyweights while the largest in "Group 2" is 12 pennyweights 22 grains and the smallest 7 grains.

Group 1. -- Total weight - 1 ozs. 9 dwts. 14 gr.

Group 2. -- Total weight - 2 ozs. 7 dwts. 14 grs.

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