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Rare Gold Nugget find

Visiting prospector finds unusual Gold Nugget

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Side 1.        Weight - 16 dwts. 22 gr.         Side 2.

6th. December 1997 -- Today a visiting prospector showed us a very unusual gold nugget he found last November at Bingara NSW. Side one of the nugget pictured above has  an impression of a fern like pattern at the lower left. At this time it is not known exactly what caused this but it is most certainly the only example we have ever seen. The nugget weighed 16 pennyweight 22 grains and was found on the side a mullock heap near an area of  shallow diggings in black soil. The owner tells us he was returning from a holiday in South Australia when he stopped off at Bingra on his return home to Queensland and he found the nugget which was on its own within the first hour of prospecting in the area.

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