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First Gold Nugget find of 98

Local prospector shows us first Gold Nugget this year

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Side 1. -- Weight - 1 oz. 3 dwts. 15 gr. -- Side 2.

23rd. January 1998 -- Today a local prospector showed us a small nugget he found earlier this week. (This is the first nugget we have had the opportunity to photograph this year although we have heard of several large finds in the last 2 weeks including one of 108 ounces and another in excess of 300 ounces, unfortunately at this point of time and as in the past these have only been revealed to a select few). The nugget shown above was found just out of Dunolly on an area of old gold workings consisting of white quartz gravel and was lying about 18 inches deep.The nugget when found had considerably more quartz and weighed in excess of 3 ounces but the owner has since removed most of the quartz with acid.

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