Press Release

Gold Nugget finds by Prospector "B"

Prospector "B" finds group of Gold Nuggets

Group of five Gold Nuggets

3rd. February 1998 -- Two local prospecting friends from the Maryborough / Dunolly district called into our shop today and showed us some of their recent finds which are featured in today's press releases. The group of gold nuggets were found by Prospector "B" and includes the nugget featured in the previous press release. The nuggets weigh - 4 ounces 5 pennyweights 21 grains, - 2 ounces 1 pennyweight 11 grains, - 1 ounce 14 pennyweights, - 1 ounce 10 pennyweights 14 grains, and 16 pennyweights 22 grains. All the nuggets were found on the same hill in virgin ground as the nugget found by Prospector "A" and were between 4 inches to 18 inches deep.

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