Press Release

Dunolly Couple find Gold Nugget

Local Dunolly Prospector's 5 ounce  Gold Nugget find

Side 1.             Weight - 5 ozs.              Side 2.

14th. February 1998 -- Yet again today a local Dunolly husband and wife working together showed us two Gold Nuggets which they had found recently.The Gold Nugget  shown above was detected by the husband on the 3rd. of this month in the Moliagul area. He informs us he unearthed the nugget about 14 inches to 15 inches deep in a clear area of granite silt and old river cement which was on virgin ground a short distance away from some old diggings. When found the nugget had a quantity of ironstone attached which has been mostly cleaned away in the photo above.He said that it only gave a faint signal until he had dug down several inches.

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