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16h. March 1998 -- Today we were notified by e-mail that our site had been awarded the "Cool Site of the Day" from the "Learning Kingdom". The e-mail is reproduced below.

Subject: Cool Site of the Day Award
Mon, 16 Mar 1998 23:42:42 -0800
David Hochron David@Learning

The Learning Kingdom has selected your site as a Cool Site of the Day.

Each day the Learning Kingdom presents a new Cool Fact, intended to be both educational and entertaining. Along with the Fact, we feature on or two companion Web sites. Your Web site was selected for its value in further educating our readers, who number approximately 16,000 per day.

You can find your listing by following the Cool Fact link from our homepage at <>. Please note that past facts are archived. Your listing appears on March 17, 1998.

You may display The Learning Kingdom's Cool Site of the Day Award graphic on your site. If you do so, please link it to
<   >

You can pick up the graphic at
< >

Congratulations, and thank you for making the web a better place to learn!


David Hochron, President & CEO

The Learning Kingdom, Inc.

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