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Two Gold Nuggets found

Prospector/customer finds two Gold Nuggets

Side 1. --     Weight - 2 ozs. 9 dwts.     --   Side 2.

14th. May 1998 -- Today a customer brought his latest gold nugget finds into our store to weigh for him. He had two gold nuggets from different areas, the pretty gold nugget in the photographs above was found in the Moliagul area and our customer told us it was nearly 3 feet deep in compressed clay in an area that had been bulldozed to bedrock. This nugget weighed 2 ounces 9 pennyweights. The second nugget shown below was found in the centre of a mullock heap in Jones Creek area. The area was quite bushy and the nugget was almost 2feet 6 inches (75cm) deep and weighed 1 ounce 17 pennyweights and 10 grains..

Side 1. --  Weight - 1 ozs. 17 dwts. 10 gr.  --  Side 2.

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