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Minelab's new SD2100e

Minelab introduces new model SD2100e to range

5th. August 1998 -- Today Minelab introduced a model SD2100e to their product range. The SD2100e is the same as the traditional SD2100 except that it comes with the 11"Double - D coil only. It is mounted on the Minelab "S-bend"shaft as used for the XT18000 and the SovereignXS   and XS2-Pro models. It is now also issued with the smaller 4.5a/hr battery instead of the 10 a/hr battery and a hipmount pouch instead of the back pack (as pioneered by Finders just after the launch of the original SD2000 years ago). While the retail price of the SD2200D remains the same the earlier SD2100 model retail price has been reduced by AUD $400.00.

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Minelab's complete Australian model range of detectors

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