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Conditions of sale:

All Prices shown are in Australian dollars ($A) and where applicable include Australian Duty and GST, such charges may be refundable upon the goods leaving Australian shores, however any such claims must be made by the purchaser to the relevant authorities. All prices listed are exclusive of freight and insurance charges and are subject to change without prior notice. Upon receipt should any of the goods ordered be found to be damaged or incorrectly supplied, then such claims must be advised to Finders within 7 days of receipt of delivery.

The Order Form at end of this page is a secure document and all information provided on this form is secured using SSL encryption.

The information, descriptions, specifications and any claims regarding performance or otherwise, of the items listed in these pages, have been taken by Finders from the manufacturers brochures or catalogues and are believed to be true, however in no way have they been verified or are any such claims made by Finders.

In all cases, Finders cannot be held responsible for any damage, losses or delays to goods in transit. Insurance is available for all deliveries and is recommended. Finders will assume all goods are to be insured and arrange same unless advised otherwise by the purchaser.


    Any information submitted to Finders is treated as strictly private by Finders and will not be passed on any other party for any reason unless requested or agreed to by the information provider.

Exchange Rate Currency Converter:

Use the link above to check the cost of a purchase in your own currency when converted from Australian dollars or any other currency.

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Payment Options:

      Our Bank Commonwealth Bank of Australia.
Address High Street, Maryborough, Victoria, 3465.
Account Name Finders Pty. Ltd.
Bank BSB Number 063  519
Account Number 1003  0203

Orders for payment by Bank Draft should be forwarded to,

Finders Pty. Ltd.,
90 Broadway, Dunolly,
Australia, 3472.
International:-  613 5468 1333
            Local:-  (03) 5468 1333
International:-  613 5468 1130
                      Local:-   (03) 5468 1130

Freight charges:

Freight and insurance costs must be arranged with Finders for each order and will be based on the method of delivery agreed upon, if sent by post the insurance rates shown below should also be included, such charges must be included with payment for order.

Australia Post International Insurance Charges:

Note all prices below are in Australian dollars.
$3.00 for the first $100.00 or part thereof and then, $2.00 per $100.00, or part thereof, in excess of $100.00 and up to a maximum of $5,000.00
Examples: $100.00 or less = $3.00, $400.00/$500.00 = $11.00, $3600.00/$3700.00 = $75.00

Finders Secure Order Form:
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At this point of time Finders is only able to offer American Express, Mastercard & Visa Card for International Credit Card payments. Select the appropriate payment method in the top box and if payment is by Credit Card provide details in the other boxes below. All details on this form including Credit Card transactions use encrypted SSL transmissions for security, Check the lock on your browser before submitting.
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Use this box for notification of payment if prior to this order you have made a Direct Deposit or EFT to Finders account. Also use for any special delivery instructions or any other instructions or requests regarding this order.

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