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Super Fix

What you should know about your Minelab PI

Technical Considerations

Minelab Plugs and Sockets and Super Fix

Many of the random noise problems produced by Super fix have been found to be faulty five pin coil and socket connectors and/or to a lesser extent the four pin battery connections on the detector itself.

The five pin coil socket is a weak point on SD and GP detectors as the pins are gold plated and are also quite small in diameter. The gold plating is very thin and being such a soft metal, after several coil changes it tends to wear away at the point of contact, leaving only a bare metal contact for the coil plug to mate with. Once this situation has been reached, any benefit of using a gold plated connection is completely negated.

Over the past Finders has replaced many, many five pin sockets on customers detectors because of this problem, while the female coil plugs can eventually wear they do not seem to be as fragile as the male sockets, and no doubt this is also a “numbers game” as the greater array of coils an operator has, every coil change adds wear to the five pin male socket, as opposed to the number of times the various coils are changed to proportionally add individual wear to each female coil plug.

You can normally tell if your connections are worn by firmly attaching a suitable coil and then with the detector switched on and running as normal, either tap the coil plug firmly with your finger, or with you thumb and forefinger gently exert pressure in several different directions. The detector output should remain steady when subjected to the above procedures. You should also check all the coils you use as it is possible one or more may have faulty plugs. It should be noted however that if you significantly move the coil cable near the coil plug it is quite normal for the detector to emit a signal.

If you wish you can also examine your five pin connector for wear with a magnifier under a good light source. If it is worn you will see that the top of the pins are still bright gold and usually a strip of gold remains down the side of the pin where the gaps of the female plug mating contacts have not worn the gold away, but in the critical contact area the gold has gone leaving a darker metal exposed. You may even be able to observe fine specks of gold that have been shed from the pins around the inside of the connector.

The four pin battery power connection has larger diameter pins which are split and as such they can be carefully spread to maintain contact, and so long as this connection is screwed up firmly it is usually reliable.

To successfully use and operate Super Fix on your detector the above connections need to be in good condition, as any small glitches from this source have been found to produce unpredictable random noises from your detector.

While it is true that gold plated connections may well be the better choice to minimise tarnishing in situations whereby once a contact is made it remains undisturbed for a extended period of time, it is also true that if used in situations where the connection is frequently disconnected and reconnected, then the connector should at least be of a zero insertion force design, and of course the microphone plugs and sockets that are used on these detectors do not meet with this criteria.

Due to the the constant swapping of searchcoils by many detector users, one can only wonder if nickel plated plugs and sockets would not be a better choice for them, as the harder metal would be less prone to wear and the prospect of tarnishing is virtually eliminated due to the contact being "brightened" with every reinsertion.

Please Note:- These pages are retained by TOSD for archival purposes only
Finders Pty. Ltd. has now ceased trading  - All prices and offers shown within this archival section are no longer available.



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