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SuperFix is unique - nothing else compares

Super Fix should be viewed as a versatile tool which may be used in many different ways, providing many unique and previously unavailable options to detector operators which may be configured to suit their individual preference or to a particular task at hand.

Some of the Super Fix unique features Are:-- Splitting of the audio channels according to target size (large and small) - Optional stereo h/phone output with individual channel information - Individual Channel selection of small and large targets - Elimination of mains electrical interference - Ability to run silent threshold - Virtually constant threshold - Two Modes of operation both M\LAB & S|FIX audio response - positive target ID - Muted audio soft start up.

Rear View          Speaker side view showing how knobs & switches       Front View
are protected by detector control box
Stock Number - 3310

Offers prospectors the following advantages

1.    Provides a constant stable threshold with level adjustment independent of detector
2.    Eliminates much of the annoying electrical interference
3.    Significantly reduces ground mineral breakthrough
4.    Allows mono coils to be used on most noisy ground in place of DD coils
5.    Provides a clear positive target signal to increase recognition
6.    Pinpointing of targets is now more precise
7.    Greater clarity provides improved sensitivity on small targets
8.    Greater clarity may also provide improved depth on weak targets
9.    Incorporates an inbuilt speaker with separate on/off switch
10.  The Master ON/OFF Power switch can override SD/GP's power switch
11.  2 tone target ID with a High tone - Low tone & a third threshold tone
12.  Audio gives a distinctive warning signal that the detector is overloading
13.  Standard mono headphone and inbuilt speaker provide 2 tone target ID
14.  Stereo 2 tone binaural target ID with jacks for both 6.5mm & 3.5mm headphones
15.  Soft Start audio eliminates loud bust of sound at start up
16.  Powered from the normal detector battery
17.  Extra sensitivity allows compensation of detector desensitisation by mains interference
18.  Less concentration required to identify targets
19.  Less fatigue at the end of the day
20.  Increases overall productive detecting time
21.  Offers a significant upgrade path for all model SD & GP detectors.
22.  Developed in the highly mineralised Central Victorian Goldfields to
       handle most severe ground conditions
23.  Provides multiple choice of audio output - standard mono headphones,
       stereo headphones, plus inbuilt speaker which may be used either with or
       without headphones
24.  With SuperFix's unique binaural audio system which is output to both the stereo
       6.5mm and 3.5mm audio jacks on the rear panel, and when using normal stereo
       headphones with individual volume controls for each ear, High tone targets
       (Smaller) or Low tone targets (Larger) may be emphasized by simply
       turning down the volume to the channel receiving the less sought after targets.
25.   Alternatively  the High Tone/Low Tone CHANNEL switch may be set so that
       only the selected High or Low tone targets produce an audio tone, while the other
       non selected targets produce a null response on the threshold when the searchcoil
       is passed over

The above photograph shows how SuperFix attaches to SD & GP model detectors as seen from the rear.
Stock Number - 3310

SuperFix is supplied with detachable gripper strips attached to the inner side in preparation for fixing to your detector.
Simply peel off protective backing tape position and press on.

Follow the link below to a page of sample sound recordings and photographs of SuperFix at various local goldfield locations
Example sound recordings

Super Fix & What you should know about your Minelab PI

Please Note:- These pages are retained by TOSD for archival purposes only
Finders Pty. Ltd. has now ceased trading  - All prices and offers shown within this archival section are no longer available.

Stock Number - 3310
Retail Price AUD $1,199.0
Plus Freight costs
Registered mail in Australia $8.00
Registered mail outside Australia $18.00

For further assistance
Phone:  (03) 5468 1333
Fax: (03)5468 1130
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