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Super Fix's Unique Features

Super Fix should be viewed as a versatile tool which may be used in many different ways to suit the particular task at hand.

    Super Fix has several unique features and this page describes how three of them may be used to work in conjunction with each other allowing an operator to detect over highly mineralised ground that previously may have been unworkable using a mono coil. The features we use for this procedure are firstly the S/FIX Mode, secondly the CHANNEL selection Switch, and thirdly the THRESHOLD Control.

    Using the method described below does require that if you wish to recover both small and larger targets, you must detect the area twice, once for large targets and then again for small targets, however because of it's unique ability to divide target sizes into two separate channels and work with them independently, this method allows Super Fix to run stable using a mono coil over virtually all ground regardless of the degree of mineralisation.

How to use Super Fix in highly mineralised ground

Searching Exclusively for Large Targets

The following describes a technique that may be found useful to search for large targets in highly mineralised ground that may have been previously unworkable, that is provided you are prepared to forgo the smaller targets and exclusively search for the larger, deeper targets.

       Firstly to master this technique you have to realise, that if you were to ground balance your detector to a mean average of the ground you are proposing to work, your detector without Super Fix attached will produce both high/low and low/high signals as you scan over this ground according to any abrupt change in the ground mineral being more positive or negative (which ever the case may be), to the average null position you have set your ground balance.

    With Super Fix attached and switched to the M\LAB Mode the result will be the same as above, however if you now readjust your ground balance so that the negative ground mineral content producing the strongest low/high signals is balanced out to a null setting, all signals that are more positive will now produce a high/low signal.  Regardless of the ground balance setting, small gold targets will still produce a high/low signal, and larger gold targets will still produce a low/high signal.

    If Super Fix is now switched to the S\FIX Mode with the ground balance in this position, all ground noise including hot rocks, will produce a high tone signal, which may then be silenced by selecting the LOW position on the Channel selection switch and only the larger targets are detected.

     Finally with the Super Fix threshold turned to a silent or near silent position where the null signal of the unwanted targets is no longer heard, and with the sensitivity control set to eliminate any impulse interference, only the low target signals will be heard, which of course are the larger targets. Only Super Fix is able to exclusively separate the small and large gold Channels in this manner.

    The simplest way to arrive at the correct ground balance setting is to switch the MODE switch to S\FIX Mode and the CHANNEL switch to the Low position and start scanning the area at a slow (one meter per second) scan speed. when a low signal is encountered switch back to M\LAB Mode and ground balance it out, and if your detector is an automatic ground balance model then switch to fixed one a balance has been reached. Switch back to S\FIX mode and continue detecting, you may have to repeat this procedure a couple of times until you reach a setting that eliminates the strongest ground signal. If the signal will not ground balance out it is probably a genuine target.

Searching Exclusively for Small Targets

    The same technique as above can be used to search for small targets by simply reversing the CHANNEL Switch selection, and choosing to exclusively accept the high channel signals, and then ground balancing out any high ground noises so that Super Fix ignores them and runs with a constant threshold. this method will also eliminate the hot rocks which usually produce a high response.

Please note:-   As further information becomes available, this page may be extended or amended accordingly.

Please Note:- These pages are retained by TOSD for archival purposes only
Finders Pty. Ltd. has now ceased trading  - All prices and offers shown within this archival section are no longer available.



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