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Most of the worlds gold production is produced by extracting fine gold from mineral ore by various methods such as crushing, leaching, cyaniding etc. and is finally smelted into ingots. Gold nuggets are relatively rare and not distributed evenly through the worlds gold resources and as such have been eagerly sought after by collectors from all over the world. In Australia gold nuggets are found in many districts however the area famous as the Golden Triangle, a section of the Central Victorian Goldfields region has produced some of the largest and most beautiful nuggets of all, including the Welcome Stranger (the largest gold nugget ever discovered in whole world) and the Hand of Faith the largest gold nugget still in existence today, and also the largest gold nugget ever found with an electronic metal detector.

Finders gold sales Division - Goldfinders, brings you an outstanding selection of genuine gold nuggets from the Central Victorian goldfields. Each gold nugget comes with its own individual certificate of authenticity guaranteed by Finders to have been found in the Central Goldfields Region, and except for any cleaning, to be a genuine gold nugget just as mother nature created it.

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Small Souvenir Gold Nuggets
Stock Number: GS001
Packaged in a 28 mm. round container as shown with a guaranteed minimum weight of 12 grains to a maximum of 18 grains. (Sample Photograph only)
$US 32.00
Stock Number: GS002
Packaged in a 28 mm. round container as shown with a guaranteed minimum weight of 1 dwt. to 1.5 dwts. (pennyweights) (Sample Photograph only)
$US 65.00
Stock Number: GS011
Packaged in a 37x37x15 mm. square container as shown with a guaranteed minimum weight of 2 dwts. varying up to 2.5 dwts.(pennyweights) (Sample Photograph only)
$US 105.00
Stock Number GS012
Packaged in a 37x37x15 mm. square container as shown with a guaranteed minimum weight of 3 dwts. varying up to 3.5 dwts. (pennyweights) (Sample Photograph only)
$US 145.00

Gold Nuggets from Goldfinders
Side 1 Order Details Side 2
Stock Number: GN002
Troy Weight:
6 ozs. 2 dwts. 18 gr.
Featuring mostly rounded protrusions
with several voids winding through the
main mass, a truly beautiful nugget.
Price: US$ 3,990.00
Stock Number: GN003
Troy Weight: 3 ozs. 2 dwts. 2 gr.
An interesting almost symmetric shape,
with a small amount of rose quartz still
entrapped as shown in side one.
Price: US$ 2,020.00
Stock Number: GN004
Troy Weight: 2 ozs. 8 dwts. 1 gr.
A rather flattish nugget with smallish patches of embedded stone which may be removed, by acid cleaning.
Price: US$ 1,565.00
Stock Number: GN005
Troy Weight: 3 ozs. 7 dwts. 4 gr.
A complex and rugged nugget with many protrusions which have been slightly rounded by time.
Price: US$ 2,185.00     
Stock Number: GN006
Troy Weight: 2 ozs. 1 dwt. 16gr.
Beautiful and chunky although one of the smaller nuggets of the collection, a lovely starter for the collector.
Price: US$ 1,355.00
Stock Number: GN007
Troy Weight: 2 ozs. 8 dwts. 6 gr.
A very solid and chunky nugget well smoothed by time.

Price: US$ 1,570.00
Stock Number: GN011
Troy Weight:
3ozs. 13dwts. 21gr.
A solid and chunky nugget featuring several rounded concave intrusions in one face with the other face richly textured and convex in nature.
US$ 2,400.00

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