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About Finders Forum

The sub menus that are nested beneath this page give access to:-

1. The Forum User Guide - help and tips and how to use our forums.
2. The main Finders Forums Index Page - the main directory page for Finders Forum and any other future forums we introduce.
3. The original Finders Forum.
4. Holiday Forum Index page.
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Finders Forum

We are sure that this venue does not need any introduction here, as all our members and visitors will be quite familiar with the long standing of Finders Forum which the new site owners (TOSD) have kindly kept up and running for our many active members and interested readers.

The original Finders Forum has been in existence in one form or another for many, many years and during this time has become a international venue for gold prospectors and other interested parties to meet and exchange a wide variety of information and viewpoints.

We are of the hope that this venue goes some small way toward the sharing of knowledge and goodwill between participating members, that many new friendships are formed, and also that you will continue to use and enjoy this meeting place. We have reproduced the Forum's Welcome Page below as posted on Finders Forum which says it all, as to what this forum is about.

Finders Forum

Finders Forum Welcome Page

Welcome to Finders Forum - the public meeting place for our many customers and web site visitors to share information, opinions, and experiences.

The aim of this forum is:
1. To provide a means for the exchange of ideas and information pertaining to prospecting and metal detecting generally.
2. To foster goodwill amongst all those in the pursuit of all the various activities this exciting pursuit entails.
3. To keep members informed of the latest developements relating to this pastime.
4. To provide a social contact between similar minded members and foster good relationships.
5. to provide a forum for general discussion between members.
As always common sense, good manners, and good taste are part of any public forum.

Any visitor is free to view all topics on this forum however to post a topic or reply you must first register providing at least your email address and a user name, you may also add your real name and other information to your user profile. You must also have your browser set to accept cookies.

We do ask that you refrain from buying and selling prospecting equipment and/or any other merchandise, including the posting of direct links to commercial online sale or order web pages from this forum.

Take note that this Forum is also subject to the terms and conditions of the Finders Golden Pages which may be viewed here

Our policy at Finders is to exercise a minimum level of censorship for this forum however any postings deemed by the forum moderator to be advertising, religious material, or contain matter of a libelous, slanderous, or malicious nature (which may lead to legal consequences) will be edited or deleted and the Member will have their access rights withdrawn.

Greetings from Finders and enjoy the experience.

Finders Forum


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