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The Goldfields of Queensland

Queensland Goldfields Cover a Vast Area:

Queensland goldfields have contributed significantly to the wealth of the Australian Nation which has been won from a multitude of goldfields spread far and wide across the State.

Ranging from the Far North to the Southern regions of the State of Queensland these gold producing areas consist of some of the better known goldfields, including many which while the gold is virtually gone, are still significant communities today.

Also there are the many lesser goldfields that have made significant contributions to the economy in the past, and which have now been long forgotten, and there are also many others that most prospectors have probably never even heard of, all of which are collectively spread over a vast area of the Queensland State, and which in total cover an estimated area of some 115,300 square kilometers.

The following listing is of some of the areas where gold has been found in the years gone by, including many where gold may still be found to this day by using modern prospecting equipment and methods.


Search Further Information:

To access further information of any individual gold field shown below simply highlight the name of the required gold field and then copy (Control C) and paste (Control V) into one of the search boxes provided below.

Central Queensland:
Booloumba goldfield
Bundaroo Creek goldfield
Cania-Kroombit Goldfield
Clermont Goldfield - (Black Ridge, Miclere, The Springs)
Colo Flat - (north of Kilkivan) goldfield
Cracow Goldfield
Crockadile Creek goldfield
Gympie Goldfield
Jimna Creek goldfield
Kilkivan Goldfield - (NW of Gympie)
Morinish Goldfield
Mount Coolon Goldfield
Nash Gully - (Nanango Goldfield)
Peter Creek goldfield
Raglan Gold field
Ridgelands Goldfield Pratten - (originally known as Darkey's Flat)
Roseland Goldfield
West Coast - (south of Kilkivan) goldfield
Yabba Goldfield - (previously known as Bella Creek)

North Queensland:
Wenlock - (previously known as Batavia River) goldfield
Battle camp Diggings _ (Palmer River) goldfield
Bishop goldfield
Callaghan's Gully goldfield - (Nanango Goldfield)
Canto goldfield
Cape River Diggings goldfield
Charters Towers goldfield
Coen goldfield
Donnybrook goldfield
Edwardstown - (Palmer River) goldfield
Etheridge Goldfield - (Georgetown) goldfield
Fish Creek goldfield
Fishers Creek Diggings goldfield
Flat Creek goldfield
Four Mile Creek goldfield
Green Hills - (near Georgetown) goldfield
Hells gate Diggings - (Palmer River) goldfield
Hodgkinson Goldfield
Hillsborough goldfield
Kirk Diggings goldfield
Laura goldfield
Palmerville goldfield
Maytown - (Palmer River) goldfield
Middle Camp - (east of Ravenswood) goldfield
Moonlight Gully - (Nebo GoldField)
Mount Leyshon goldfield
Mount Morgan goldfield
Mount Wheeler goldfield
Nanango Goldfield - (NW of Brisbane) goldfield
Nebo Goldfield - (Mount Britton) goldfield
Nuggety Gully - (Nebo Goldfield) goldfield
Oakly Creek - (Nebo Goldfield)
Oaks Goldfield
One Mile goldfield
Palmer River Goldfield
Pentland Goldfield
Peters Rush - (SE Mount Morgan) goldfield
Ravenswood goldfield
Revolver Point - (Palmer River) goldfield
Rice Gully - (Nanango Goldfield) goldfield
RusselRiver Goldfield
Sandy Creek goldfield
Severn Mile Diggings - (Nanango Goldfield)
Shepards Gully - (Nanango Goldfield)
Stanton - Harcourt Goldfield - (Nanango Goldfield)
Star Goldfield - (NW Cooktown) goldfield
Sunday Gully goldfield
Two Mile Diggings goldfield
Top Camp goldfield
Yarraman Creek - (Nanango Goldfi - (Nanango Goldfield)

Southern Queensland:
Black Snake goldfield
Bonnie Doon Creek - (Canoona Cattle Run) goldfield
Calliope goldfield
Canal Creek Goldfield
Dunn's Gully - (West of Pretten) goldfield
Eidsvold - (near Burnett) goldfield
Fitzroy River goldfield
Gum Flat -(West of Pratten) goldfield
Lucky Valley Goldfield - (originally known as Lord John's Swamp)
Pratten - (originally known as Darkey's Flat) goldfield
Talgai Goldfield - (originally Known as Darkie's Flat)
Thanes Creek goldfield
Warwick goldfield



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