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Information About Gold


e-Bullion is electronic bullion: international electronic currency fully backed by physical precious metals stored on behalf of account holders in Treasury Grade bullion storage facilities. e-Bullion can be used for international trading of precious metals; accounts payable and accounts receivable; online instantaneous payments to other e-Bullion account holders; and as an investment vehicle to protect your assets from financial destabilizations, just to name a few.

e-Bullion claims to be a true global currency for a global world economy. It has unlimited potential being as fluid and flexible as your imagination and is an instant, real-time currency for international commerce. In just minutes, you can send and receive irrevocable payments from anyone, anywhere on the globe! Merchants who accept and welcome e-Bullion are on the rise as thousands join in to participate in the fraud-free convenience of a true global e-currency system.

e-Bullion also claim their network is designed and maintained by leading Internet security specialists, and the servers are located in disaster proof facilities with 24 hours a day, seven days a week monitoring and support.

The e-Bullion Company is a registered legal corporate entity of the Republic of Panama in Central America. e-Bullion hardware and servers are located at various locations worldwide and built to allow diversity and redundancy. They claim their network allows superior built-in system redundancy and immediate backup services should any one part of the system fail.

e-Bullion is fully backed by precious metals which cannot be debased or devalued as can fiat national currencies. e-Bullion eliminates the risk and headache associated with fraud, stop payments, insufficient funds, charge backs, defaults, and overdrawn or closed accounts. No more high bank wire transactions fees, or Western Union credit card charges! With e-Bullion, it is simple and cost-effective to send, or receive, small or large transactions of any size in the USA, or internationally. In just a few minutes, you can open up an e-Bullion account for FREE. The fees are modest and extremely competitive and they claim that their customer service is unparalleled in the industry..

Reserve Bullion Administrator:
Goldfinger Bullion Reserve Corporation ("GBRC") is the registered legal corporate entity located in the State of Delaware (USA) responsible for the management of bullion reserve services for e-Bullion® Company.

GBRC is under exclusive contract to provide allocated and segregated storage, acquisition and transfer of precious metals (specifically: Gold AU, Platinum PT and Silver AG) as well as perform administrative duties relating to acquisition, insurance and liquidation of the reserves backing e-Bullion® accounts. GBRC maintains wholly owned, or leased, Treasury grade bullion storage vaults in Los Angeles, Delaware, Zurich and Australia for the allocated storage of the bullion backing e-Bullion®. All reserve bullion backing the e-Bullion.com system is allocated and remains the property of the e-Bullion® Company and e-Bullion® account holders.

Funding / Withdrawal Services:

Primary Funding and Withdrawal Services (Market-Making) are provided by Goldfinger Coin & Bullion Inc. ("GFCB"). All national currency converted to e-Bullion® and e-Bullion® to national currency is processed by Goldfinger Coin & Bullion Inc


Due to the unacceptable conditions imposed by e-Bullion to link directly to their site we have declined to supply an active link, however if you wish to search their site you will find it at www.e-bullion.com.

Information About Gold

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Information About Gold


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