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e-gold is an electronic currency, issued by e-gold Ltd., a Nevis corporation, 100% backed at all times by gold bullion in allocated storage. Other e-metals are also issued: e-silver is 100% backed by silver, e-platinum is 100% backed by platinum, and e-palladium is 100% backed by palladium. However, the most popular e-metal (by an overwhelming margin) is e-gold.

e-gold is integrated into an account based payment system that empowers people to use gold as money. Specifically, the e-gold payment system enables people to “spend” specified weights of gold to other e-gold accounts. Only the ownership changes - the gold in the treasury grade vault stays put. The concept of e-Gold is very similar to internet banking but the money is backed by real gold bullion.

First launched in 1996, e-gold now has users in more than 165 countries across the globe, and today there is currently over $30 million worth of e-gold in circulation supporting an annual transaction volume exceeding $1 billion (USD-equivalent) with over 45 million payments having been settled so far


e-gold being backed 100% by gold bullion makes buying e-gold like buying gold, but easier, you can hold it as an investment or a hedge on currency exchange and never worry about actually having to take delivery of the physical gold. All trading functions are online and you can create and maintain accounts, access your account to make payments and review transaction history, check current exchange rates, e-gold circulation and usage statistics.

e-gold is 100% backed by gold bullion held in recognized repositories All transactions are on-line with access requiring account number, passphrase, Turing number, and IP address confirmation. Transactions are settled immediately, records are maintained on dedicated servers, data integrity is highly controlled, and all hardware and software has a strong back-up and continuity program.

e-gold is always as good as the gold it's backed with - this year, next year, a thousand years from now. Pursuant to the e-gold Account User Agreement, the physical bullion that comprises the value backing e-gold must be insulated from physical, legal and political risks. Title is held by The e-gold Bullion Reserve Special Purpose Trust that exists solely for the express purpose of holding bullion for the exclusive benefit of all e-gold account holders collectively. e-gold Ltd. offers an unprecedented level of transparency.

Total e-gold in circulation vs. total bullion reserves are provided in real-time via the e-gold Examiner accessible from the e-gold website. e-gold is accounted by weight of metal, not US$ or any other national currency unit. Weight units have a precise, invariable, internationally recognized definition. Additionally, precious metals, gold in particular, enjoy a long history of monetary use around the world. Thus, e-gold is ideally suited for international transactions.


Today the market for goods and services sold across the Internet is large and growing fast, e-gold can serve as an alternative payment system solving the exchange problems associated with receiving or making payments. As it is 100% backed by gold bullion e-gold is truly global thereby minimizing the exchange risk while resolving the complex demands of Internet payments. Some of the advantages of e-gold are, it is able to provide immediate settlement worldwide 24/7, more and more merchants are, Immediate payment no waiting for checks to clear or credits to be made. - No chargebacks "Get paid, stay paid" unlike credit card payments. - Secure, user friendly access to your account. - Easy shopping cart interface anyone can accept e-gold on their web site. - Low fees lower than credit cards or competing payment services. - Buy or sell e-gold from/to the independent exchange service who best meets your needs. - Available Worldwide the world's first truly global payment option.

It costs nothing to open an e-gold account. There is no credit check. There is no minimum balance requirement. There is no concept of a "merchant account" in that all e-gold accounts may spend e-gold or receive e-gold payments.


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