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Pecunix is a gold based currency and payment solution that allows people on opposite sides of the world to make and receive payments instantly via the Internet. Because gold has an internationally agreed value, Pecunix is a system that is perfectly suited to the specific demands of e-commerce.
Pecunix is a safe system to use because it is 100% underwritten by gold at all times. In other words, every currency unit in the Pecunix system is supported at all times by an equivalent amount of gold, which itself is stored in an independently monitored, internationally approved storage vault.

After considerable research and investigation, the Anglo Far-East Bullion Company (the bullion agents for Pecunix) have decided to move all the Pecunix gold to Zurich in Switzerland. AFBC are also moving all their gold because they believe it is the safest and best country for gold at present. For Pecunix, this is an excellent decision.

The idea of using gold to underwrite an Internet payment system is not new. Gold Based Internet Currencies - or GBICs - have been around on the Internet since 1995. GBICs have now processed billions of dollars in Internet transactions, and that figure will only get larger as more consumers and merchants tune into the benefits of using gold as a payment medium. Pecunix is, however, unique among GBICs. Pecunix has been designed to take the GBIC concept to a whole new level by offering, absolute privacy, ease of use, complete transparency, and very low operating costs.

Using Pecunix is simple, you can create a free account through the Pecunix website, using your e-mail address as your account name. You can immediately access all the benefits of the Pecunix system, from shopping to retailing to exchanging currencies. It's that easy.





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