For all those that enter the township, Tarnagulla provides a glimpse into the past. With its authentic streetscape, six buildings classed as having "state significance"and a number of old buildings Tarnagulla retains much of the character of a bygone age. The natural bush land around Tarnagulla and Waanyarra provide scope for walking, cycling and camping.

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Victory Theatre Tarnagulla


Golden Age Hotel
Golden Triangle Caravan Park
Rostrata Country House

Historic Pavilion and Cricket Ground

Eating Places

Golden Age Hotel


tarnmon1 tarnmon2
Poverty Monument and plaque with Reef Mining poppet head in background.


Nifty Car Hire
The closest hire service is available from Maryborough.

tarnss3 Above:- Old Bank Smelter Chimney

Top Right:- Tarnagulla Street Scene
Bottom Right:- Tarnagulla streetscape


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Other facilities available in Tarnagulla not listed above

General Store - Milk Bar - Post Office - Mini Mart - Second Hand Shops - Petrol Supplies - Tennis Courts - Golf Course - Churches - and more.

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