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About Finders Golden Pages:

Since the initial launch of this website on the 17th. of January 1997 which established Finders Golden Pages as the first Australian internet on line Gold/Gold Prospecting site, Finders has always been the most visited Australian gold site by those seeking information about gold and gold prospecting, also since this initial launch date, Finders Forum has been regarded by both serious and amateur gold prospectors alike as the place to meet.


Overview of Finders Golden Pages Site Menu

Gold Pages:

Menu Header Page - Links to:- * About Gold * About Gold Nuggets * Speciemen Gold Nuggets * Gold Coinage * Digital Gold * Current Gold Prices * Free Gold * Central Victorian Goldfields * Australian Goldfields * Gold Nugget Photographs * Gold Information Links Page *

We consider this to be a very important section, which as time progresses will become a major part of our website. We have designated this section to host an ever increasing collection of information pertaining to gold and gold related subjects. This section will be progressively expanded in the future.


Goldfields Tourism:

Content Page - Links to:- * Bendigo District * Ballarat District * Local Horse Racing * Photo Gallery *

Under this heading we are building an all inclusive Tourist Information Guide to the Greater Central Goldfields Region of Victoria which will ultimately provide the intending tourist or casual visitor with a comprehensive listing of the things to see and do around each city or township. Each individual township page of the Information Guide also lists the services that are available, the places to eat and drink, and the various types of accommodation that is avaiable.

The main Menu content page titled Goldfields Tourism is a general information page which may well be updated from time to time, the Local Horse Racing page and the Photo Gallery pages encompass the whole of the Greater Central Goldfields Region.

Due to the large number of towns and regions we intend to eventually encompass within this section we have divided the Greater Central Goldfields Region into two sections Bendigo District and Ballarat District.

The pages currently published under the Bendigo District links heading include:- Bendigo City , Current Events , Bealiba , Castlemaine , Chewton , Dunolly , Maryborough , Maldon , Moliagul , Laanecorrie , and Tarnagulla .

The pages currently published under the Ballarat District links heading include:- Ballarat City , Current Events , Avoca , Carrisbrook , Clunes , Majorca , and Talbot .



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We have many features planned for inclusion under this Menu Heading in the future. This is where we market our goods and services and where we also help you market your goods and services.


Financial Services:

Menu Header Page - Links to:- * Live Gold Price * Live Precious Metal Prices * Live Commodity Prices * Live World Index Quotes * Currency Conversion * Universal Conversions USD Conversion Charts * EUR Conversion ChartsForex Information * Books about Investing * Videos About Investing

We now have live gold prices from around the world and also the latest currency conversions and we plan to include further free services under this heading in the future.



Menu Header Page - Links to:- * Site Information Pages * Finders Video Directory * Lifestyles Pages * Computing Pages * Battery Replacement Guide * Resistor Color Code Charts *

Here we bring you a collection of miscellanous information that we intend to continually expand. Contained within the dropdown menu under Site information Pages you will find:- Site Terms of Use , Finders Privacy Policy , Finders Contact Information , Links Page , Feedback Page , and Finders Archives , The old original Finders site has now been retained in the Archives Section and visitors accessing these pages should be aware that any commercial content is of course now redundant, given that Finders Pty. Ltd. is no longer operational.



Menu HeaderPage - Links to:- * Site News * World News * Australian News * Gold Prospecting News * Gold Mining News * Gold Investment News *

Bringing you the latest Site News, World News, Australian News, Gold Prospecting News, Gold Mining News and Gold Investment News – we hope to be able to further increase the items displayed in the near future, check daily to stay informed.


Finders Forums:

Content Page - Links to:- * Forum User Guide * Finders Forums Index * Finders Forum * Holiday Forums Index * Holiday & Travel Tips Forum *

The very well known Finders Forum has been continued for those past and present members and our many other visitors and it may be found under the Forums heading on the main site menu. We have now published a Forum User Guide which we hope will assist new users, and this can be accessed from the drop down menu below the main heading item Finders Forum Info. A new forum Holidays and travel tips has been also been started.


In Conclusion:

Within these Golden Pages we bring to you an ever increasing collection of information about a wide variety of financial and social subjects, with the prime emphasis being on gold, gold prospecting, and metal detecting in the Central Victorian Goldfields, from the hands on find your own gold nuggets experience - to the finished product in many forms.
We also include detailed information about the Cities and Townships within the Central Goldfields Region, whats available, where to stay, places to visit and things to see and do, including the local wineries.
Bring your family - Purchase that unique gift for that someone special - it's all here in the goldfields of Central Victoria.

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