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The Greater Central Victorian Goldfields

The Heritage of The Cities, the Townships,
and the smaller Goldfield Hamlets,
Established during the 1850's Gold Rush Era

The Central Goldfields and surrounding districts offer visitors a variety of popular pursuits, including - Gold Prospecting - Heritage Trails - Wineries - Fishing - Antique Collecting - Bush Walking - Bird Watching - Genealogy - Native Flora & Fauna - Bowls - Tennis - Golf - Swimming - Horse Riding - Bicycle riding - Horse & Harness Racing - Numerous Major Events and Local Festivals - or you can just simply enjoy the relaxed lifestyle and veg out.

Situated in the Victorian Heartland the Greater Central Goldfields Region has much to offer visitors to the area. Comprising an unique blend of interesting places to see and many things to do, the area abounds with friendly inhabitants, and has a leisurely pace that appeals to the both the short and longer term visitor.

For many years the focal point of the region for gold prospectors has undoubtably been the small township of Dunolly (population aprox.700). It is rich in surviving Gold Rush Heritage from the 1850's era, while also being surrounded by some of the largest and most productive goldfields in the region.

Dunolly lies just 25 Klms. to the north of Maryborough (population Aprox. 10,000) which is the major commerce centre in the immediate area, and as such is a perfect venue for families to use as a central base to tour the surrounding districts.

The townships in the area all posses their own particular charm and most have their own slice of history to reveal to the observant visitor.

* The now sizeable cities of Bendigo and Ballarat ultimately became the power house of the gold mining industry in the region, and while they still have their own stories of a glorious past to tell, unfortunately much has now been lost to progress, as these these cities continue to grow at ever increasing rates.

* Clunes is noteworthy as the place where gold was first discovered in Victoria and even now, it is still a charming place to visit.

* Daylesford has a delightful charm all of it's own which is somewhat unique to the area, while the numerous local mineral springs and those at at nearby Hepburn Springs are also popular tourist venues.

* Avoca is another small township with it's own personality which in latter years has become the gateway to the very popular Pyrenees wine region.

* Castlemaine which lies in the southern most section of the Central Goldfields Region is also a major commercial centre servicing it's own immediate and surrounding areas, however it still doggardly attempts to hold onto it's remaining heritage. Being within easy driving distance from Melbourne (approx. 90 mins.) it is a very popular destination for both day trippers and tourists alike.

* Moliagul is famous as the place where the worlds largest nugget, the Welcome Stranger was found, today only one hotel remains operating but many interesting buildings and sites are still to be found

* Stawell is a substantual town that has become well known for the annual running of the Stawell Gift which has become the major professional foot running event in Australia. There is much to see and do in this region as it is rich in goldmining and wine production heritage.

The Central Goldfields region has a wealth of picturesque photo opportunities to offer the camera enthusiast, with subject matter that is both static in nature and a landscape that is constantly varying with the seasons. Each township and local has it's own story to tell, and many still have the remains of unique heritage sites and buildings which are just begging to be recorded before the opportunity is lost forever. The region as a whole just bounds with a never ending range of subject material for both the tourist and the more serious photographer alike, especially those blessed with a good sense of composition and a keen eye.

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This section of Finders Golden Pages is an attempt to promote tourism to the region by providing both visitors and potential tourists with relevant information and an in-depth view of Central Victoria and all it has to offer.

The Cities and townships that make up the Central Goldfields Region are listed in the panel to the left with links to corresponding pages containing further detals of each location. Due to the large number of Townships and locations within this Central Goldfields region, in order to contain the drop-down menue within the confines of the page view, we have divided them into two sections - Ballarat and Bendigo for conveneince.

These pages are in the process of being updated - current information is being added to individual pages as it becomes available


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