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Main Street Bealiba

The first settlers came to Bealiba in 1840 as drovers bringing hundreds of cattle and sheep to the area. The area was first settled in 1845 and among the early settlers John and James Cochrane were mainly responsible for establishing the town and their family name was used for the local gold diggings known as Cochranes until 1856 when the name was changed to Bealiba.

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War Memorial Bealiba Main Street

Gold was first discovered in the area in 1856 and as many as 12,000 diggers were on the fields for over 18 months until the gold yield dropped and other rushes attracted the diggers elsewhere. The railway was extended from Dunolly in 1878 and the district settled down to become a busy rural area with a population of 2,000 until world war 1. Much of this past history still remains to be rediscovered by the visitor to the area while relaxing in the unhurried lifestyle of the local inhabitants.

Bealiba Street Scene



Evans Hotel

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Catholic Church Bealiba Street Scene

Eating Places

Bealiba General Store & Takeaway
Evans Hotel

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Bealiba Rural Landscapes

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Other facilities available in Bealiba not listed above

Post Office, Sub Newsagency, Farm Supplies, Mud Brickworks, Artists Group, Recreation reserve, Playground, Barbecue, Toilet facilities, Tennis courts,

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