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Carisbrook Post Office built 1888

Stroll along the banks of tranquil Deep Creek, home of the platypus.
First established in 1851, the township of Carisbrook is a situated on the banks of picturesque Deep Creek, only a short drive from Maryborough. The first settlers came as squatters and farmers around 1840 and the township became an important service centre for miners in the late 1950's. Mining started in Carisbrook in 1969 with the opening of the Dan O'Connell mine. The Town Hall was established 1859 and is now the home of of the Carisbrook Historical society and The Post Office was built some years later in 1888.

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Carisbrook 1850's Gold Rush era Log Jail

Carisbrook's Historic Log Jail is one of only ten such structures remaining in Victoria today. Built in 1854 it is the the oldest of them all and has been host to many a unruly digger for a night's lodgings before being hauled before the Magistrate the next morning. Such a stay was known as spending a night on the logs.

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Carisbrook Motel

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Carisbrook Autumn Street Scenes

Eating Places
Britanna Hotel
Caroline's Colonial BYO Restaurant

Carisbrook Town Hall built 1859

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Maryborough Taxi Service
Offering 24 hour service.
Phone:- 03 5461 163


Other facilities available in Carisbrook not listed above

Supermarket - General Store - Newsagency - Milk Bar - Post Office - Petrol Supplies - Leisure Centre - Bowling Green - Tennis Courts - Churches - and more.

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