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In many countries such as Australia there is still gold to be found by the hobby gold fossicker/prospector and if you are successful in your quest you may legally keep all the gold that you find. There are of course rules and regulations to be observed and licences to be obtained (for Victoria see here) but once these requirements have been met you are free to pursue this fascinating pastime. Generally speaking in Australia any gold found in the pursuit of a leisure time hobby may be sold without the requirement to pay tax upon the proceeds, as opposed to gold found as a commercial venture, on which you must then declare as part of your income and pay tax accordingly.

1850's Goldrush Diggings at Deep Lead Dunolly

There are currently many hundreds of gold seekers enjoying this great outdoors pastime in Australia today using a variety of methods with varying degrees of success. While the most popular method in use at the present time is undoubtedly detecting for gold nuggets using the later model metal detectors, most experienced operators would agree that it is getting somewhat harder to find gold with the existing model detectors, and when new models are released they are usually expensive, which may mean that this method is to costly for many newcomers wishing to make a start in the pursuit of gold.

For the beginner it may be that one of the alternative methods of finding gold such as gold panning is a more cost effective way to become involved in this hobby, and properly organised this can be an enjoyable experience for all the family members.

Views of Rota Pan - (mouse over for more)

Attached under this page we intend to progressively publish a series of individual articles describing the methods and techniques a beginner may adopt to get started in this pastime, so bookmark this page and call back from time to time and check on our progress.


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