Originally known as Forest Creek



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Chewton was the first township on the Mount Alexander diggings and and is also the site of the most recent mining activity around Castlemaine.

Chewton Street Scene

Chewton has an interesting past and was a pivotal part of the early Forest Creek diggings Today you can make your way through the stories and pictures of the past by visiting the original Town Hall or by taking a self-guided tour. Many of the Mount Alexander Diggings sites such as the remains of the Garfield Wheel, the Eureka Reef walk, and Wattle Gully Gold Mine are located on the outskirts of the town.

Chewton Hotel

Facilities available in Chewton

Hotel - Gift Shop - Second Hand Shop - Motor Mechanics - Petrol Supplies - Churches - Museum.


Things see and Places to visit

Methodist Church - Historic Buildings - Remains of historic Garfield Water Wheel - Forest Creek Diggings - Expedition Pass Reservoir - Vaughn Mineral Springs - Fryerstown.

chewcottage chewchurch

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