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Foriegn Currency Exchange

It should be noted that the currency conversions calculated below should only be used as guide as international currency rates are constantly changing and are quoted at differing rates at various locations in the world at a given time. The source of the rate fix that your bank or financial institution uses to calculate their rates will most probably vary from the source used by Xenon Labs. Inc.

live currency exchange rate converter

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live currency exchange rate converter


The Universal Currency Converter allows you to perform interactive foreign exchange rate conversion on the Internet. Type the amount of source currency in the input box. You may include commas and a decimal point. Select the source and destination currencies using the scrolling selection boxes. Note that there are far more currencies available than the initial four displayed. When you are finished, push the "Perform Currency Conversion" button, and the results of your conversion will be displayed.

live currency exchange rate converter

Note: Xenon Laboratories can make no guarantees as to the accuracy of this information. Click here for important legal information on this service.

Universal Currency Converter™ services, programs, compiled binaries, interface text and graphics, and documentation is copyright © 1995, 1996, 1997 Xenon Laboratories Incorporated, all rights reserved. Universal Currency Converter and the spinning currency logo are trade marks of Xenon Laboratories Incorporated.

live currency exchange rate converter

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