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The Goldfields of Australia

This section of our website is an attempt to document the history, the locations, and stories of both the past and the present from the many Goldfields across Australia.


The discovery of gold played such an important part in the early development of Australia, and yet today many of the towns and places that played such a significant role in this development have long been completely forgotten or are at the best barely a memory. These towns were established across virtually every State as new discoveries were being made, and the ever hopeful miners came in their droves to try their luck, and in doing so they established footholds in what was some of the most desolate and remote areas of the country.

As the gold finds began to peter out most of the diggers soon moved on, and yet there were others who continued to persevere keeping many of these fledgling townships alive, with this section of our site we attempt to recall these places, outlandish as many of them were, along with the hardships, the triumphs, and the disappointments of the miners and their families who toiled a major part of their life upon them.

Many stories must have evolved from these goldfields, and through these pages as time permits and as material comes to hand, we will attempt to preserve those that still remain from this past era, and to also document the events and stories of more recent times.

Should any of our prospecting fraternity or readers wish to advise us of places we have overlooked, supply other informative material, factual information, digital copies of old records or photographs from these past goldfields, we would be most grateful. Any copy submitted must be free of copyright and able to be freely published. We would also like to receive any material or information from any of our reader’s local regions or from places they have prospected or visited which will supplement our own ongoing research and assist in documenting the ongoing Australian gold story.

To submit material for this section of our website you should attach either documents as either files or digital media to the following email address:



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