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Improving our Lifestyle

The Path to True Fulfilment

This section of our site is all about living life in general and how we go about our day to day activities, its about inspiration and creativity, the positive measures we may take to increase our enjoyment of life, while at the same time further improving our understanding of, and the well being of those around us, in our ongoing efforts to improve our own existing lifestyle.

Increased Scope of our Content

In the past this site has been predominately occupied with metal detecting and in particular gold prospecting, and many of our long standing members and visitors regard these hobbies as a significant part of their lifestyle. Generally experience has shown that these pursuits usually only appeal to a single member of a family, and while we do not intend making any attempt to change this, it is our proposed future intention, to widen the scope of this site to include many other interests and pursuits so as to appeal to the family as a whole.

On Reflection

Some of the important components that play a major role in determining our lifstyle and which may help us to achieve our desired goals are listed below.

Career - Achievement



Getting and Giving




Holidays - Time Out

Inner Beliefs - Religion - Spiritual

Peace of Mind and Wellbeing

Sporting Activities

Wealth Creation - Security

Taking Action

It is our hope that you will find the the articles and direction that we propose to introduce here are both stimulating and motivating and should we be able to introduce a new interest into your lifestyle then our efforts will have been rewarded. Taking that first step may be your single greatest achievement, remember it is never too late for self improvement.

In the Future

In the future we intend to include both internal site pages and external links to pages that reflect the goals outlined above on an ongoing basis - call back and check regularly.


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